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Einstein's Little Homunculus

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We're taking a break to help keep ourselves, our families, and our audiences safe. If you're looking for a dose of elh, we feature in lots of visually exciting Contra videos (and visually soothing album audios) on Youtube

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What are we doing next?

What's our music like?

A mixture of slightly skewed original songs and rockin' arrangements of jigs, reels, and other melodies from the British Isles and beyond.

"A daffier Fairport Convention." (Daniel Gewertz, Boston Herald)

There's an online review at Ari's Klezmer Shack.

You can listen to samples at

Wanna look at the discography?

Who are we?

And, in our memories and on our recordings: You can see pictures of the band

Where have we played?

There's a big ol' list around here somewhere...

We've done several shows with the Jazzabels of Buffalo, and with Broadside Electric of Philly. They're great bands.

What does "homunculus" mean?

People often ask us that.

Where is elh's music available?

Attending one of our shows or dances is a good way to view and purchase CDs.

They're also available online at:
CD Baby

In the Boston area, check at Newbury Comics and Sandy's Music. If they're not there, let us know, and we'll send some more.

How can you reach us?

For CD's, tapes, backrubs, bookings, or for mailing list math (additions or subtractions):

By email:
elh [at] - general correspondence
booking [at] - booking info
Please email for mailing address

Photo by Chris Yeager.
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