July 13th, 1996
Derek succumbed peacefully this afternoon at home, with his family and friends around him. He felt no pain, and was surrounded with loving and caring people. He will be missed, and his memory will be cherished.

For more information on Derek's illness, please see his health pages.

Derek's memorial page

Donations in Derek's name may be sent to:
Derek Gross Memorial Fund
Simon's Rock of Bard College
Great Barrington, MA 01230

What's new with this page

May 17, 1996: I'm in the process of verifying and updating all my links, so if you've found broken ones, please try them again, and let me know if they don't work. I've also added new AIDS ride and miscellaneous link pages, and I'm updating my "friends on the web" pages.

My band

I play in a band called Einstein's Little Homunculus.

My past life

I used to live in the Barnfel, in Rochester, New York, and study Linguistics at the University of Rochester, where, among other things, I worked on the TRAINS project and wrote (well, collected and transcribed the data for) at least one paper. (I also spent one summer at the Linguistic Institute at UC Santa Cruz, home of the banana slug). Among the many ways I procrastinated was to be a folk and late-night weirdness DJ on WRUR. I often ate Buffalo wings.

Before going to Rochester, I worked on WordNet at Princeton University's Cognitive Science Lab; before that, I went to (in reverse chronological order) Oberlin College, Simon's Rock College, Princeton High School, John Witherspoon Middle School, and Riverside Elementary School.

My current life

I used to live in Brookline, but I've moved to the Accordion School in Somerville. Both are just outside of Boston, Massachusetts, USA, where I contra dance, see live folk music, go to the movies, take the T, read the newspaper, surf the web ...

I work for Inso in the Back Bay. Actually, I haven't been working much lately, because I've been sick.

I didn't train hard enough for the Boston to New York AIDS ride, but I finished anyway.

My favorite music

I like to listen to musicians like Greg Brown, Cordelia's Dad, Ani DiFranco, Bob Dylan, Moxy Früvous, the Jazzabels, Christine Lavin, the Nields, Nightingale, Liz Phair, Poi Dog Pondering, Ratsy, Michelle Shocked [see also DG's 1992 discography -pc], Gonzalo Silva, Martin Simpson, Richard Thompson, Nancy Tucker, Cheryl Wheeler, and Dar Williams, as well as Celtic music of all kinds, and new stuff.

I play the guitar, the mandolin, and the accordion. I have a banjo, but I can only play two songs on it.

My other interests

I'm interested in Ben and Jerry's, bicycling, cool art, linguistics, quilting, Scrabble, Ultimate Frisbee, ...

My friends on the web

Many of my past and present bandmates, classmates, housemates, and other friends have their own home pages. (If you fall into one of those categories and you're not listed, let me know so I can add you.)

My email addresses

My theoretically permanent address is

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