the truth

I wrote this page sometime in 1994. I thought about updating it (January 2000), but then decided to pretty much leave it alone. Sure, it's inaccurate, but unlike most things on the Web, it admits it's inaccurate.

The Band

I am of a band called Einstein's Little Homunculus.[T]

The History

I used to study Psychology at the University of Rochester. I soon realized that my interest in electrodes ran counter to the intentions of the Human Subjects Committee. [T]

Leaving school, I moved on to the Edward G. Miner Medical Library, working in the basement, reading the Journal of Irreproducible Results (now much happier as the Annals of Improbable Research).[T]

Then off to Boulder, Colorado, to work at the Boulder Public Library. I also worked at the Carnegie Library for Local History, which is trying to put its photographic holdings up on the web.

The Present

A series of fortunate accidents (including a brief stint at the Barnfel) led me to Boston[T], where I work at Inso Corporation.[F]


Besides, of course, work...

I try to ride the T[T] or bike[F] everywhere I can, and take Amtrak[T] for longer trips.

I play mandolin[T], guitar[T], bass[T], and a few other things. (Monopoly[F], Scrabble[T], Clue[F], etc.[T])

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